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Popular Discs

Here are 3 main brands used for competitive play:

Discraft Ultrastar Frisbee


In the 1970s, there was a flying disc craze. However, the available discs were inconsistent, low-quality toys. In 1978, Discraft was founded to provide high-quality equipment for disc sports athletes.


The Ultra-Star, featuring a contoured grip and aerodynamic design, has established itself as the benchmark for excellence in quality, reliability, and performance. Weighing 175 grams, the Discraft Ultra-Star Ultimate disc is the official disc endorsed by the "Ultimate Players Association" for the game of Ultimate Frisbee.

Discraft frisbee


Founded in 1948, Wham-O is a company and lifestyle brand that is steeped in the American cultural tradition of classic, well made toys.

Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee is player approved for competitive play and is perfect for athletic ultimate frisbee matches. It has improved flying stability, advanced aerodynamics

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